God and Aliens: Godicize


We are the only known intelligent species in the Universe. Well, are we? Or are we just another living being sharing this vast stretch of universe?

Most likely the later one. I mean in this billions and billions of light years long universe are we the only living objects? What are the odds ? When we look at our ancestors and our mythology, we can most definitely find other more intelligent and more extraordinary beings. We call them GODs, they have extraordinary powers and they live above us in the sky. They have huge vehicles which help them travel between their and our worlds and they have supernatural powers.

All of this sounds familiar right. Yes, quite familiar actually. when you think of it, aliens (I mean the conventional ones, like those in Stephen Spielberg movies) have most things in common with our conventional gods. They also have fancy big vehicles that can travel in space with physics defying speeds and they also live above us( in another planet that is). For as much as we know they are superior in intelligence than us so that enables them to build amazing gadgets which can help them transform, have incredible strength and what not. I mean if our ancient ancestors see us now I bet they’ll think we are gods too.

Think of it this way, we already have so much controversy about aliens that they exist and we see numerous reports of UFO’s floating around the sky. There are around 400 UFO sightings per year in USA alone and numerous cases and cover ups by the governments. It’s more likely we’ll see aliens than Gods.

So when we start believing that gods are nothing but aliens we start understanding things we never understood before. We start arriving at a logical conclusion rather than a superstitious one. We don’t have to pray to gods everyday or visit holy places, instead we can use that time and money to better ourselves and do something more useful for the mankind and become better being and contribute something to the society.

Do you agree with me or do u have other theories of your own? Give me your opinions in the comment section below. For more articles on God click here: Godicize


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