Ghosts, are they real?: Scitacular


All most everyone is familiar with Ghosts. A study suggests that 1/3 rd of all the Americans believe in them. I do appreciate  a spoonful of spookiness and horror, ghosts are fun. They scare us, pump up our adrenaline. But let’s look at the scientific aspect of ghosts. Do they really exist or are they just fragments of our awesome imagination?

There is one particular theory about ghosts which is strangely explained by the Einstein’s theory of conservation of energy. According to the theory, energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. So all the energy in the universe is conserved. That explains why ghosts exists, When a person dies his energy is transformed into his ghost. Well, not quite. When a person dies he becomes food to worms and his body degrades, so his energy is conserved into the environment. So this possibility is ruled out.

There is also another controversy. We all agree that ghosts can walk through walls and stuff and they can slam doors and windows right? Wait, somethings not right here. How can they slam doors? To do that they should be in physical form( they should contain matter) but if they are physical, how can they walk through walls? And if they are physical they should be visible to us or our equipment right. They do, in numerous videos on the internet. But till today there isn’t any hard evidence that ghosts exist. Because all those videos are fraud.

God helmet

But often people say that they have seen ghosts. I agree that they actually saw ghosts. But( this is a big but!!) scientists actually found a way of creating ghosts. A study proves that by firing electrodes to activate a region in brain called Angular Gyrus , participants felt a ghost like figure next to them and touching them and the scientists could control the ghosts presence by alternating the current. This experiment was further proved by Micheal Persinger’s God Helmet. Wearing that helmet would enable you to see ghosts and even god himself by cleverly alternating current in your brain.

And I bet if a child after his birth till his death was never introduced to the concept of a ghost he will probably never imagine a ghost.But in this age all of us are well aware of ghosts that they appear at night and in dark, this makes us fear  ghosts whenever we are in dark. Why can’t ghosts come in bright sunlight and at mid noon? because our movies didn’t tell us that.

Fear is the only drive for the existence of ghosts not anger or vengeance. So next time whenever you see a dark room or a supposedly haunted house, believe that ghosts don’t exist and you wont find any ghosts.

So what do you think about ghosts? Tell me in the comments section below.


11 thoughts on “Ghosts, are they real?: Scitacular

    • Sri Harsha

      Not to offend you but i’m sure there is a scientific explanation for your experience! There always is! You just have to explore more in finding the core reason for your experience.


  1. rohit

    Yes it is very true..ther is nthg like ghosts or bad spirits ..its jst a chemical composition of our mind…nature is the only god n ghost depending upon our states of mind…so b on the positive track n feel the god …

    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually know people who claim they saw ghosts in real, one of them is my dad too. But when people loose their mind, they do strange things.. These kinds of things may happen because of personality disorders also.. they may not happen all the time but once in a lifetime is quite possible


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