You are the Queen.


A must for every girl.

Vennela Posika

A big shout out to all girls out there. Firstly, Let me tell you This article is just to remind you woman how worthy you are ( I am not trying to portray we are above men or something, So no controversies on that ) . There are many girls out there who are suffering through a Harsh break up, being bullied, suffering the past pain , Being constantly called Ugly or what not? This is for all the woman out there. Hey, Do not look at yourself with disgust, You are a gift to this earth. You are beautiful, You are a light, an energy, an essence. You are nature herself. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 1526456_855018664524182_1169726039_nTo the girls who always wished you looked better  So, Hey! You worry about being thin? Being fair? Or having a toned figure? Let me tell you, You are already perfect the…

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The Future of Sun: Scitacular


If you live on this planet you love sun and are a big fan of its work. It provides earth with just the right temperature to sustain life. The sun hasn’t been so gentle with us all the time and it definitely wont stay the same in the future. I know I know, calm down.

Currently our 4.5 billion years old sun is just like a middle aged man just past his teenage. Our Sun will spend its next 7.7 billion years growing bigger, hotter, brighter, cooler, changing its color, and finally into a white dwarf all while trying its best to destroy the earth. Sure the earth as a planet will survive sun’s might but us and everything else living on this earth, not so much.

Our sun essentially eats hydrogen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It fuses two hydrogen atoms to form helium atom and also releasing a heck of a lot of energy. As the time passes our sun will exhaust all of its hydrogen. Then the helium and other heavier elements in its core start fusion reactions of their own. As a result more and more heavier elements like lithium,beryllium and carbon are formed in its core. Due to this, the pressure in its core starts to build up and the sun starts to expand into a red giant. A red giant is basically a bigger and badder version of our sun which will have a radius twice of that of the distance between the earth and the present sun. So basically this is the end of existence for our earth.

Then our sun starts to loose its outer layers and starts to compress and becomes a white dwarf. This is basically the end of our sun. Our sun emits all of its remaining energy and then fades away into a black dwarf floating endlessly in space.

So, don’t pack your bags yet and sign off your bosses you still have more than 7 billion years to live on this earth, if we manage to live for such a long time.

God and Aliens: Godicize


We are the only known intelligent species in the Universe. Well, are we? Or are we just another living being sharing this vast stretch of universe?

Most likely the later one. I mean in this billions and billions of light years long universe are we the only living objects? What are the odds ? When we look at our ancestors and our mythology, we can most definitely find other more intelligent and more extraordinary beings. We call them GODs, they have extraordinary powers and they live above us in the sky. They have huge vehicles which help them travel between their and our worlds and they have supernatural powers.

All of this sounds familiar right. Yes, quite familiar actually. when you think of it, aliens (I mean the conventional ones, like those in Stephen Spielberg movies) have most things in common with our conventional gods. They also have fancy big vehicles that can travel in space with physics defying speeds and they also live above us( in another planet that is). For as much as we know they are superior in intelligence than us so that enables them to build amazing gadgets which can help them transform, have incredible strength and what not. I mean if our ancient ancestors see us now I bet they’ll think we are gods too.

Think of it this way, we already have so much controversy about aliens that they exist and we see numerous reports of UFO’s floating around the sky. There are around 400 UFO sightings per year in USA alone and numerous cases and cover ups by the governments. It’s more likely we’ll see aliens than Gods.

So when we start believing that gods are nothing but aliens we start understanding things we never understood before. We start arriving at a logical conclusion rather than a superstitious one. We don’t have to pray to gods everyday or visit holy places, instead we can use that time and money to better ourselves and do something more useful for the mankind and become better being and contribute something to the society.

Do you agree with me or do u have other theories of your own? Give me your opinions in the comment section below. For more articles on God click here: Godicize

GOD, an excuse?:Godicize


God has been around us from a long time, in different forms with different names  for different civilizations like Greek , Hindu, Christian, Muslim and what not. But u know what all those different types of gods had in common? God was always responsible for things humans couldn’t understand. For a classic example lets take the solar and lunar eclipses. Almost every religion and civilization thought that God was responsible for all that simple celestial phenomenon to occur. For example Hindu’s thought that Rahu and Kethu were the evil gods who engulf the god once in a while and  spit him out. The Chinese believed that a dragon was devouring the sun which resulted in an eclipse. The ancient Greeks believed that an eclipse was a sign of angry gods, therefore it was thought of as a bad omen. Whatever the story the culprit was God.

This thinking tells us why God existed in the first place. People at that time didn’t have the technology or curiosity to ask what was the real reason behind those phenomenon, they created a well constructed story in which God was the reason. Not until recently we found the real reason and all those theories went into garbage. So we have been using God to explain something which is beyond our understanding. Something we can’t explain. But now with the advancement of science we are explaining things which we couldn’t in those days, so the necessity of God is becoming minuscule.

Whenever i start a discussion with someone about God all they argue about is ” Who created us and the universe?”, this is like the classic excuse for people to say God exists. All i’m saying is if you can convince yourself that God was there all the time and nobody in turn created him then why cant u convince yourself that universe also like God existed all the time and nobody(God) created it. If u think that way life is simpler.

According to me God exists and he is everywhere. God is in the form of our parents who gave us birth and looked after us in our life. God is in the form of friends who make our life easy and fun. God is in the form of nature which gives us food, shelter and other basic needs. God doesn’t need you to give him your money or pray to him. The whole purpose of God is to give us hope and discipline, but to achieve all that we don’t need God. Believe in yourself and move on with your life.

All this is my personal opinion and I don’t mean to disrespect anyone. What do u think about my interpretation of God? Tell me what u think in the comment section below. Like and share this post if u like it in all the usual places.

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