Ghosts, are they real?: Scitacular


All most everyone is familiar with Ghosts. A study suggests that 1/3 rd of all the Americans believe in them. I do appreciate  a spoonful of spookiness and horror, ghosts are fun. They scare us, pump up our adrenaline. But let’s look at the scientific aspect of ghosts. Do they really exist or are they just fragments of our awesome imagination?

There is one particular theory about ghosts which is strangely explained by the Einstein’s theory of conservation of energy. According to the theory, energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. So all the energy in the universe is conserved. That explains why ghosts exists, When a person dies his energy is transformed into his ghost. Well, not quite. When a person dies he becomes food to worms and his body degrades, so his energy is conserved into the environment. So this possibility is ruled out.

There is also another controversy. We all agree that ghosts can walk through walls and stuff and they can slam doors and windows right? Wait, somethings not right here. How can they slam doors? To do that they should be in physical form( they should contain matter) but if they are physical, how can they walk through walls? And if they are physical they should be visible to us or our equipment right. They do, in numerous videos on the internet. But till today there isn’t any hard evidence that ghosts exist. Because all those videos are fraud.

God helmet

But often people say that they have seen ghosts. I agree that they actually saw ghosts. But( this is a big but!!) scientists actually found a way of creating ghosts. A study proves that by firing electrodes to activate a region in brain called Angular Gyrus , participants felt a ghost like figure next to them and touching them and the scientists could control the ghosts presence by alternating the current. This experiment was further proved by Micheal Persinger’s God Helmet. Wearing that helmet would enable you to see ghosts and even god himself by cleverly alternating current in your brain.

And I bet if a child after his birth till his death was never introduced to the concept of a ghost he will probably never imagine a ghost.But in this age all of us are well aware of ghosts that they appear at night and in dark, this makes us fear  ghosts whenever we are in dark. Why can’t ghosts come in bright sunlight and at mid noon? because our movies didn’t tell us that.

Fear is the only drive for the existence of ghosts not anger or vengeance. So next time whenever you see a dark room or a supposedly haunted house, believe that ghosts don’t exist and you wont find any ghosts.

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God and Aliens: Godicize


We are the only known intelligent species in the Universe. Well, are we? Or are we just another living being sharing this vast stretch of universe?

Most likely the later one. I mean in this billions and billions of light years long universe are we the only living objects? What are the odds ? When we look at our ancestors and our mythology, we can most definitely find other more intelligent and more extraordinary beings. We call them GODs, they have extraordinary powers and they live above us in the sky. They have huge vehicles which help them travel between their and our worlds and they have supernatural powers.

All of this sounds familiar right. Yes, quite familiar actually. when you think of it, aliens (I mean the conventional ones, like those in Stephen Spielberg movies) have most things in common with our conventional gods. They also have fancy big vehicles that can travel in space with physics defying speeds and they also live above us( in another planet that is). For as much as we know they are superior in intelligence than us so that enables them to build amazing gadgets which can help them transform, have incredible strength and what not. I mean if our ancient ancestors see us now I bet they’ll think we are gods too.

Think of it this way, we already have so much controversy about aliens that they exist and we see numerous reports of UFO’s floating around the sky. There are around 400 UFO sightings per year in USA alone and numerous cases and cover ups by the governments. It’s more likely we’ll see aliens than Gods.

So when we start believing that gods are nothing but aliens we start understanding things we never understood before. We start arriving at a logical conclusion rather than a superstitious one. We don’t have to pray to gods everyday or visit holy places, instead we can use that time and money to better ourselves and do something more useful for the mankind and become better being and contribute something to the society.

Do you agree with me or do u have other theories of your own? Give me your opinions in the comment section below. For more articles on God click here: Godicize

Android Lags: Everyday Tech


We can’t live without our smart phones these days. Our lives are connected to the world through our smart phones. we cant go through a day without them. They have pretty much become one of our organs without which we cant survive in this modern age. Almost 80% of all the smart phones in the world are android phones. The major problem with android is that it can’t run smoothly unless it has the latest and greatest of hardware. But a vast range of smart phone sales come not from flagships but from low end and mid rangers. Low end and mid rangers don’t have the latest and greatest of hardware and hence android lags on them. Especially when u have to do an important thing on your phone(i know!! it’s so frustrating). It’s like it somehow knows that and deliberately toys with us.

But lately Android has been striving to reduce its system requirements, Android 4.4 KitKat has pretty much achieved that feat. Project butter is in top gear and racing ahead. But again OEM’s( Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC etc have their own special skin atop android which makes it even more harder for the poor hardware to handle such a heavy skin atop android and on top of that these OEM’s don’t update their low end and mid rangers instead they keep their flagships up to date, but the mid rangers and low end devices need those updates more than the flagships. Unfortunately that’s how it works and we cant possibly change that anytime soon, so let us use our the resources at hand and improve our user experience and make our phone less laggy.

First of all, lets learn why our devices lag in the first place so we can avoid that. In the first month or so our phone is super snappy and quick but as the time goes on it starts lagging that’s because we download apps, use the internet, make calls and what not on our phones. All these things store cache inside the system and run in the background so that when u come back to the app the app loads a bit faster and resume from where u left off. All this sounds great, well not so much, this reduces the available ram for the android to run on and hence it lags.

Hence to avoid this we need to ask certain things to ourselves.

First of all when you are downloading an app think whether you need that app not whether you want it. If u don’t need it then don’t download and delete all the unused apps on your device.

Second of all use a launcher instead, Preferably NOVA launcher or Action Launcher, these two are pretty snappy and take up less space.

Last but not the least use Clean Master and regularly delete your cache and free up some ram and delete unwanted call history and messages.

Besides these remedies you can do a lot if you root your device which is a whole new chapter of the book. These simple things make a lot of difference and hugely improve your user experience. Try these simple tricks and comment your thoughts in the comments.      



Nikola Tesla: Awesome Minds


Everybody in this world are unique in their own way but there are some who are so mindbogglingly awesome that the world has looked past them at the time they were alive and slowly starting to realize how awesome-tacular they are. One of those great individuals is Nikola tesla. Nikola tesla was the mother and father and the whole family tree of crazy inventions. Think of any awesome invention ever made and you’ll find Nikola Tesla’s contribution somewhere in making it possible say affordable electricity delivered to your houses, hydropower, radio, robots, X-ray photography, electric generator, spark plugs, remote controls, fluorescent lights and what not (Well u get the point, almost everything!!). By the way he spoke 8 languages (8!!) which include Serbo-Croatian, Czech, English, French, Hungarian, Italian and Latin. When he died at the age of 86 in 1943 he had more than 700 patents and was undergoing investigation by the United states Government for claiming to have invented a 60 million volt death ray that can vaporize a tank from 200 miles away. Now thats called dying in an awesome way by striking fear in the US government.

Milutin Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Croatia, Europe. In every expected way he was one of those kids who could do complex calculus in his mind and recite many books in his memory, in short he was Child Prodigy. His father Milutin Tesla was a priest and wanted our Nikki to become a priest too but at the age of 17 when Nikola Tesla contracted cholera he made a deal with his father that he would try not to die if he agreed to send him to engineering school. This happened on his death bed by the way. And the poor father had no option but to promise him. Of course as we know Tesla made a miraculous recovery and in 1884 Tesla went to New York City with literally 4 cents in his pockets and a letter of introduction to Thomas Edison. When Tesla got to New York he discovered that people were using incandescent lights powered by Edison’s DC current supply which needed DC power stations to be built every 2 miles along the power lines which had many disadvantages. So Tesla told Edison that there is new and better way to transfer electricity. Tesla explained his idea of AC current supply which was so much more efficient and easy to transfer. Edison told Tesla that he would give him $50,000 if he could redesign his motor and generators to be more efficient and safer. So after a few months Tesla came back with a fully functional induction motor which ran on AC current. But when he asked Edison for his money Edison refused to give him the money. So this incident made them life long arch enemy’s, in fact in 1917 this prevented both of them from getting the Nobel Prize in Physics because either of them refused to share with each other. But ultimately AC current won over Dc current and Tesla sold his patent of Induction motor to  a Pittsburgh industrialist Westinghouse for $60,000 who went on to making the Niagara Falls the first Hydro electric power station in the world using Tesla’s invention.

Tesla Coil

After that Tesla was obsessed with the idea of transmitting energy wirelessly. He invented the Tesla Coil which is an awesomely cool high voltage high frequency transformer that shoots out bolts of electricity in a terrifying mad scientist way. During his research he went on to discover ways of transmitting and receiving radio signals. He patented this finding but a fire in his lab burnt and destroyed all the work before he showed it off to the public. About a year later an Italian scientist named Marconi invented a similar device who went on to receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909 for his contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy.





Wardenclyff tower( Tesla Tower)

By this time Nikola Tesla became magnanimously famous and was regarded as a super genius. he was always immaculately dressed and lived in fancy hotels and spoke with an accent. He was keeping the people entertained by building the first remote control toys and people loved him. But he became more and more obsessed with the idea of wireless energy transfer. He reportedly built a machine which powered 200 light bulbs wirelessly from a power source 20 miles away. I mean without any wires, we still don’t have that technology in this 21st century. But all the 3d diagrams and blueprints of his experiments were kept in his head and not have been recorded anywhere so scientists still can’t figure out how Tesla did this feat. In 1900 businessman J.P. Morgan commissioned Tesla to build to build a power plant and transmission tower that could wirelessly transfer power to any part of the world. To do this he was given $150,000 but it would actually cost around $1,000,000. So Tesla went on building the ginormous cell phone tower. In 1901 the construction of a giant tower called the Wordenclyff Tower or the Tesla tower in Shoreham, New York. But eventually Marconi’s wireless telegraph machine gained more and more popularity and Tesla was asking for more and more money the project was called off by Morgan. Then Inflation struck and the price of material went up up and above, Tesla had to stop his experiments and as a result suffered a complete nervous breakdown. Then he began petting pigeons and there was this one particular pigeon which he loved so much that to his biographer he said ” I loved that pigeon, I loved her as a man who loves a women”. And sometimes he said that he was receiving messages from extraterrestrial beings. Clearly he was out of mind. Eventually he starting making statements to the press about a death beam which he was building. As u can imagine the world did not believe him. And he eventually died in 1943. And the US government confiscated all his work after his death. And  a military operation called Project Nick was established to know if there was a death ray hidden in his papers. During the project the papers regarding the Death ray were lost and no one knows where they are till this day. Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest minds that ever walked on this world. Without his invention we can’t even go through our normal day. He is truly Awesome.

GOD, an excuse?:Godicize


God has been around us from a long time, in different forms with different names  for different civilizations like Greek , Hindu, Christian, Muslim and what not. But u know what all those different types of gods had in common? God was always responsible for things humans couldn’t understand. For a classic example lets take the solar and lunar eclipses. Almost every religion and civilization thought that God was responsible for all that simple celestial phenomenon to occur. For example Hindu’s thought that Rahu and Kethu were the evil gods who engulf the god once in a while and  spit him out. The Chinese believed that a dragon was devouring the sun which resulted in an eclipse. The ancient Greeks believed that an eclipse was a sign of angry gods, therefore it was thought of as a bad omen. Whatever the story the culprit was God.

This thinking tells us why God existed in the first place. People at that time didn’t have the technology or curiosity to ask what was the real reason behind those phenomenon, they created a well constructed story in which God was the reason. Not until recently we found the real reason and all those theories went into garbage. So we have been using God to explain something which is beyond our understanding. Something we can’t explain. But now with the advancement of science we are explaining things which we couldn’t in those days, so the necessity of God is becoming minuscule.

Whenever i start a discussion with someone about God all they argue about is ” Who created us and the universe?”, this is like the classic excuse for people to say God exists. All i’m saying is if you can convince yourself that God was there all the time and nobody in turn created him then why cant u convince yourself that universe also like God existed all the time and nobody(God) created it. If u think that way life is simpler.

According to me God exists and he is everywhere. God is in the form of our parents who gave us birth and looked after us in our life. God is in the form of friends who make our life easy and fun. God is in the form of nature which gives us food, shelter and other basic needs. God doesn’t need you to give him your money or pray to him. The whole purpose of God is to give us hope and discipline, but to achieve all that we don’t need God. Believe in yourself and move on with your life.

All this is my personal opinion and I don’t mean to disrespect anyone. What do u think about my interpretation of God? Tell me what u think in the comment section below. Like and share this post if u like it in all the usual places.

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