Scitacular: How does the internet work?


Internet has become an integral part of our lives. You are viewing this blog and reading this article because of the internet. But did you ever think what exactly does internet mean, how it works? It sounds complicated but it’s not.

Lets understand the basic idea of how the internet works. Internet is nothing but interconnected computers. You are viewing this webpage on a computer. Your PC, mobile or tablet share the same architecture as a computer, so they are also computers. The webpage you are viewing sits on another computer or in a lot of computers otherwise called as servers which are situated all across the globe and even in space. In 1964 there were only 4 servers in the whole world. These servers are controlled by different companies and governments.

Now lets dig deeper into the world of internet. First, lets learn about some of the common acronyms related to internet. IP address means ‘Internet Protocol address’. IP address is the unique number assigned to every computer on the internet. To know your IP address click here. URL means ‘Uniform Resource Locator’ which is the name of the webpage to you and me. ISP means ‘Internet Service Provider’ who are the people that provide you with internet. DNS means ‘ Domain Name Server’ which is basically a server. A server is a computer which stores information about everything in the internet including websites, videos, Photos, your likes and shares of this blog in facebook and google+. These DNSs contains information about which IP address are connected to which URl.

Internet is nothing but cables and wireless signals connecting people and computers to each other all over the world. Here it goes, read this carefully. When you type a URl like or in your browser it sends this request to ISP( Internet Service Provider) which will in turn send your request to a DNS(Domain Name Server) which has the information about the URLs IP address. This DNS searches for the IP address you requested and if it doesn’t have the information it transfers the request to another DNS and so on. Eventually your request is found and the DNS sends this information back to your ISP which will in turn send it to your browser and your computer decodes this stuff and displays it on the monitor. So this is basically translates to your computer connected to another computer.

When you are connected you can download text or videos or photos from the host DNS onto your computer. It downloads this stuff by another protocol called http( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) or https( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). You can find this in the starting of every website URL in the address bar of your browser. So when u clicked the link of this blog or article your request has traveled all around the world and who knows maybe even went into space. All this processes are done at the speed of light as a result it doesn’t take ages for a website to load. From next time if a website takes about a second longer than usual, you know that it is travelling and visiting corners of the world at the speed of light.

Now you know what happens in the internet and how it works. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and share this if u like what you just read. Know more about science and technology here.