Why aren’t you a leftie or a rightie?: Scitacular


10 to 15 percent of people who are reading this article are lefties or if you happen to be the President of USA there’s a 5 in 7 chance of you being a leftie. I mean seriously, 5 out of 7 of the recent Presidents of US are lefties, even Obama is a leftie. But like 90 percent of the humans on this earth I am right handed, so why do I have a preference for one hand over the other in the first place and what is it that determines the dominance of one hand over the other? The answer maybe lies in evolution.

Handedness or hand dominance is not unique to humans, animals like dogs and cats also sometimes prefer one paw over the other. Yes! your pet is as right handed as you are. Handedness has nothing to do with genes. At least we haven’t yet discovered the gene responsible for it. Many times people in the same family usually prefer a hand over the other but that doesn’t necessarily mean that its hereditary. Identical Twins who share the same genes don’t always have the same dominant hand. So blaming genes is not fair in this situation.

There are many theories in the wild including the idea that our right handedness is an evolutionary byproduct of human cooperation. According to a study cooperative acts like sharing tools and stuff have favored the dominance of one hand over the other, so that everyone can use the same tools. Sorry you lefties, I know the design of scissors is a stupid one.

Another widely accepted theory is that our hand dominance is connected to the asymmetry of our brain. Our brains are contra lateral, which means the left hemisphere of our cerebral cortex where language and logical processing is done controls the movement of the right side of our body and the right hemisphere where the face recognition and other stuff is carried out controls the left side of our body. So the side which processes the speech and language also controls our right hand. It makes sense right. A study has shown that lefties process the language more evenly across both hemispheres and in some cases completely on the right side. So lefties have a different way of processing things than all us righties.

So lefties stop scrutinizing the design of notebooks, controllers and scissors and enjoy the fact that Scarlett Johansson is also a lefty. But I don’t think we should give any less credit to our less dominant hand because its still working hard and I cant imagine having to type this article without my right hand’s significant other.