Android Lags: Everyday Tech


We can’t live without our smart phones these days. Our lives are connected to the world through our smart phones. we cant go through a day without them. They have pretty much become one of our organs without which we cant survive in this modern age. Almost 80% of all the smart phones in the world are android phones. The major problem with android is that it can’t run smoothly unless it has the latest and greatest of hardware. But a vast range of smart phone sales come not from flagships but from low end and mid rangers. Low end and mid rangers don’t have the latest and greatest of hardware and hence android lags on them. Especially when u have to do an important thing on your phone(i know!! it’s so frustrating). It’s like it somehow knows that and deliberately toys with us.

But lately Android has been striving to reduce its system requirements, Android 4.4 KitKat has pretty much achieved that feat. Project butter is in top gear and racing ahead. But again OEM’s( Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC etc have their own special skin atop android which makes it even more harder for the poor hardware to handle such a heavy skin atop android and on top of that these OEM’s don’t update their low end and mid rangers instead they keep their flagships up to date, but the mid rangers and low end devices need those updates more than the flagships. Unfortunately that’s how it works and we cant possibly change that anytime soon, so let us use our the resources at hand and improve our user experience and make our phone less laggy.

First of all, lets learn why our devices lag in the first place so we can avoid that. In the first month or so our phone is super snappy and quick but as the time goes on it starts lagging that’s because we download apps, use the internet, make calls and what not on our phones. All these things store cache inside the system and run in the background so that when u come back to the app the app loads a bit faster and resume from where u left off. All this sounds great, well not so much, this reduces the available ram for the android to run on and hence it lags.

Hence to avoid this we need to ask certain things to ourselves.

First of all when you are downloading an app think whether you need that app not whether you want it. If u don’t need it then don’t download and delete all the unused apps on your device.

Second of all use a launcher instead, Preferably NOVA launcher or Action Launcher, these two are pretty snappy and take up less space.

Last but not the least use Clean Master and regularly delete your cache and free up some ram and delete unwanted call history and messages.

Besides these remedies you can do a lot if you root your device which is a whole new chapter of the book. These simple things make a lot of difference and hugely improve your user experience. Try these simple tricks and comment your thoughts in the comments.