GOD, an excuse?:Godicize


God has been around us from a long time, in different forms with different names  for different civilizations like Greek , Hindu, Christian, Muslim and what not. But u know what all those different types of gods had in common? God was always responsible for things humans couldn’t understand. For a classic example lets take the solar and lunar eclipses. Almost every religion and civilization thought that God was responsible for all that simple celestial phenomenon to occur. For example Hindu’s thought that Rahu and Kethu were the evil gods who engulf the god once in a while and  spit him out. The Chinese believed that a dragon was devouring the sun which resulted in an eclipse. The ancient Greeks believed that an eclipse was a sign of angry gods, therefore it was thought of as a bad omen. Whatever the story the culprit was God.

This thinking tells us why God existed in the first place. People at that time didn’t have the technology or curiosity to ask what was the real reason behind those phenomenon, they created a well constructed story in which God was the reason. Not until recently we found the real reason and all those theories went into garbage. So we have been using God to explain something which is beyond our understanding. Something we can’t explain. But now with the advancement of science we are explaining things which we couldn’t in those days, so the necessity of God is becoming minuscule.

Whenever i start a discussion with someone about God all they argue about is ” Who created us and the universe?”, this is like the classic excuse for people to say God exists. All i’m saying is if you can convince yourself that God was there all the time and nobody in turn created him then why cant u convince yourself that universe also like God existed all the time and nobody(God) created it. If u think that way life is simpler.

According to me God exists and he is everywhere. God is in the form of our parents who gave us birth and looked after us in our life. God is in the form of friends who make our life easy and fun. God is in the form of nature which gives us food, shelter and other basic needs. God doesn’t need you to give him your money or pray to him. The whole purpose of God is to give us hope and discipline, but to achieve all that we don’t need God. Believe in yourself and move on with your life.

All this is my personal opinion and I don’t mean to disrespect anyone. What do u think about my interpretation of God? Tell me what u think in the comment section below. Like and share this post if u like it in all the usual places.

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4 thoughts on “GOD, an excuse?:Godicize

  1. karuna shree

    what else is universe for you other than your parents,friend,nature??? nd i hope u do believe that these were created by god .. if yes and only these things make your universe then why don’t u agree that universe was created by god???

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    • Sri Harsha

      I don’t believe anyone created anything. I ask u a question, if u believe that god created the universe then who created god? If u believe that god was always there then why don’t you believe that universe also was always there?


      • Karuna shree

        a physics person says .. the machine created by a man is working because of the energy it posses and it is independent of everything else… but d point is it IS a machine and IS working because of man.. we find it independent but actually it is not…!!! nd 2 ans who created god i have no words as, if i tell you its some X.. den u’ll ask who created X!!i’ll get back 2 dat again…. 1st tell me how man exists(if none created him)???


      • Man was the byproduct of a series of evolutions. Our scientists have evolved a theory about how life began, through the mixture of nitrites and other chemical stuff which gave rise to RNA. These RNA reacted with each other to make the single celled organism. These organisms eventually evolved into humans. This is how humans came to life. And for the odds of this happening are miniscule but they are there and we are the proof of it. As per machines, they don’t worship us, they don’t have expectations, they dont have the power of thought. Simple put they are non living. A machine cannot invent anything. It can’t create anything. It follows a set of rules prescribed by humans. And a machine doesn’t poses energy, we provide the energy to it. And as per who gives us energy, it’s the sun. Sun is the energy source of plants which we eat to make our energy. Its not god that gives us energy its a star which is as common as a grain of sand in a beach.


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